Tuesday, 13 April 2010

St. Totteringhams Day awaits us!

So, tomorrow we will travel to 3 Points Lane. We will win tomorrow because as we know, Sp*rs just ain't good enough, regardless of what Harry says. I'll concede that we don't have our best team available for selection, but we can still field a squad more than capable of beating this demoralised, tired and lacklustre oppononent.

Tomorrow could be a great day for us gooners. We could go second only to Chelsea in the league having played the same amount of games as all of our contending rivals, this would be making progress on our title charge as we already know we must win every single one of our remaining games, but we could now overtake Manchester United.

Not only could we go second, but we could see yet another St Totteringhams day! That's what I like to hear, our Red and White army could well do the dirty on yids meaning yet another season has gone by with false hope of bigging themselves up only to be embarrassed again. Why do you do it to yourselves? I guess we will never know.

Oh and did I mention that the flying dutchman, Robin Van Persie, will be back in the squad tomorrow? Lifes good at the moment boys, it could get so much more better tomorrow evening, and we could be on top of the world come May.

We have had those championship winning characteristics all season, we have to take this solid gold chance because I am convinced Chelsea will slip-up. It really is time for our Nasri's, Walcott's, Denilson's, Diaby's and Bendtner's to step up to the plate and become champions.

Tomorrow I'll go with 2-0 to Arsenal. Bendtner & Nasri.

Keep the faith Gooners. C'mon Arsenal.