Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I'm Sor...I'm not sorry Arsenal, Not good enough.

I'm not going to rage or get angry about how bad we were, I don't think we are worth my effort at the moment. I can say our attitude really does stink. However much I dislike Sp*rs, I will let it be known that they fully deserved to end that long run tonight and that they outplayed us. Well done, Sp*rs.

Their goalkeeper more than matched whatever we could roll into him despite Robin's best efforts. Their defence was like a brick wall around them white lines and I said numerous times through out the match "We won't score in that area of the pitch". It doesn't end there, Sp*rs' attack was not matched by great defending which at times looked like it was being performed on a school yard.

Sp*rs started the game like a cup-final, their crowd was like a sea of sound and support, their players we're like the last bastion of Tottenham Hotspur FC. When I watched Sp*rs, I seen a team who is wanting so much to achieve their goals of a Champions League spot. When I watched Arsenal, I seen a team who didn't seem fussed about the outcome of the game. This was also the material I was faced with at Camp Nou. Not excusable, not at all.

Tottenham closed us down in threes, Defoe was more than willing to come back into midfield when not in possession to contribute anything to the cause, Pavlyuchenko was willing to burn some energy on closing down Almunia and increasing pressure on the iffy man between the sticks. I didn't witness any of this commitment and drive from Arsenal until it was too late.

Don't get me wrong and label me anti-Arsenal because that is not the case by any means. I'm just gutted tonight and I have explained a few reasons why, which are 80% logical and 20% emotion. 

Robin Van Persie appeared and reminded us of what we have being missing, it spawns a huge what-if. But I'm tired of what-ifs. Our title hopes have took a huge blow tonight, and it's too unlikely for me to say yes too now, but what I will say is that I will follow this team until the very end regardless of the out-come and if we pull it off, it would be electric. If Tottenham now want to get the Champions League spot, they must pave the way for a possible Arsenal come back, wouldn't that be sweet?

All I know is that next season, we are for sure, in with one hell of a shout.

Till next time gooners.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

[VIDEO] Guess who's back...

To mark the return of our very own Robin tomorrow, we bring you this video to show remind us of what he is capable of:

St. Totteringhams Day awaits us!

So, tomorrow we will travel to 3 Points Lane. We will win tomorrow because as we know, Sp*rs just ain't good enough, regardless of what Harry says. I'll concede that we don't have our best team available for selection, but we can still field a squad more than capable of beating this demoralised, tired and lacklustre oppononent.

Tomorrow could be a great day for us gooners. We could go second only to Chelsea in the league having played the same amount of games as all of our contending rivals, this would be making progress on our title charge as we already know we must win every single one of our remaining games, but we could now overtake Manchester United.

Not only could we go second, but we could see yet another St Totteringhams day! That's what I like to hear, our Red and White army could well do the dirty on yids meaning yet another season has gone by with false hope of bigging themselves up only to be embarrassed again. Why do you do it to yourselves? I guess we will never know.

Oh and did I mention that the flying dutchman, Robin Van Persie, will be back in the squad tomorrow? Lifes good at the moment boys, it could get so much more better tomorrow evening, and we could be on top of the world come May.

We have had those championship winning characteristics all season, we have to take this solid gold chance because I am convinced Chelsea will slip-up. It really is time for our Nasri's, Walcott's, Denilson's, Diaby's and Bendtner's to step up to the plate and become champions.

Tomorrow I'll go with 2-0 to Arsenal. Bendtner & Nasri.

Keep the faith Gooners. C'mon Arsenal.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tonight proves little.

So here we are, the back end of the Arsenal Barcelona tie that promised to give the world of football a sporting showcase. It appeared that the football gods would do everything to build this tie up, and then kill it with a series of unfortunate events.

Anyone who thinks that Barcelona tought us a lesson should go unnoticed as their opinion is obviously originating from a narrow mind not capable of analysing key variables and points within this game of football.

Take Messi, Xavi, Keita and Marquez out of that game and you will quickly begin to see a more true representation of what would of happened if both teams had suffered injuries to key players. Tonight, we missed Van Persie, Fabregas, Song, Arshavin and Gallas. Add them to our team and I can almost assure you that we would of seen a very different game.

Andy Gray, give it a rest will you? All I heard out of that mouth of yours was "little magician" "little genius" "that little man" and any other noun he could place after "little" to boost his reputation with the Argentine. Lionel Messi is great, but his dive in the first half and his cheap quick free-kick has given him a label which I won't forget.

Where do we go now? We forget about this tie now, we rally the troops and we push for that title.

Till next time gooners...