Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Barcelona: Reaction.

The reaction to this draw has been splendid, it has sparked a debate all over the sporting world about who is better, who's 'beautiful game' this is, who has the better squad and the players returning to former clubs. I have read alot of the reaction online and of course the two teams faithful' are split into two sides, which was always likely to happen. There are Arsenal fans who fear Barcelona, and Arsenal fans who are really up for this and vice versa.

We have a great chance to win this game, if you watch the two teams you would know that we move the ball faster and we pass the ball better and that isn't biased. Honest. Barcelona like to push their full-backs (Alves and Abidal) so far up the pitch, even in that 4-3-3, it will be interesting to see how Guardiola handles this.

Most of the talk has featured Diego Maradona but at more revs per minute, who has been in the form of his life and is definitely up their with your Pele's, Maradona's and Best's. And he's only 22. José Aurelio Gay and his team described him as "not human" and "interplanetary". Gay said "We could have beaten Barcelona but we could never have beaten Leo Messi. If we had scored four, he would have scored 12".

So yeah, they have Lionel Messi, but we have Francesc Fabregas and he is a gooner, he is also in the form of his life and arguably up their with Iniesta.

Leo Messi has expressed his concern on our style of play, Hleb thinks we pose a threat and Henry is struggling to cope with the news. We shall give Henry a great reception on his return, but when the whistle goes we are behind the Red & White.

In other news, Arsenal will appeal against Vermaelens red. It could be risky but I feel this one is more about resting Sol for Barcelona than playing Thomas for Birmingham. Let's hope that the FA's ridiculous justice and judging formula doesn't fail us.

Have a good 'un. Till next time.