Tuesday, 8 June 2010

AWAY KIT: Yellow

The Arsenal website told us that the new away kit will be yellow. Well, not 100% - but last year the colour around the badge was blue, and the same shade too.

The yellow I see is not the recent away kit yellow - but the recentish yellow home kit yellow.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Gunners want Gourcuff - Maybe.

Yoann Gourcuff, a player that we have been continuously linked with over the past two seasons, has once again been summoned and is the freshest player being linked with us. Apparently we looked at him while he was at Milan - he went to Bordeaux at the end of AC Milans 08 campaign on loan, and sealed the deal at the end of 09, despite Milans best efforts to keep him at the San Siro.

Quick Facts
Yoann Miguel Gourcuff
23 years old
Last Season: Played 42 - Goals 9 - Assists 10 

Is there anything in this transfer rumour? Well, someone seems to think so:
“While every effort is being made to keep Cesc at the club the boss is working towards an alternative.
“He believes Gourcuff’s finesse and grace will fit perfectly to Arsenal’s way of playing and will make it an almost seamless transition if Cesc does go.”
That is the quote of an 'Arsenal source' - and the source of this is The Sun. So then, transfer dismissed? I don't know. That quote above could well of been fabricated from what we want to hear, or it may not be a reliable source (This is the Sun, right?) , time will tell I guess.

If this was to happen, I could only see it happening if Cesc was to join up with his Catalonian roots - which is still something I wouldn't like to bet my house on, either way. It is clear to me Gourcuff is a quality player full of trickery, guile, technique and a canny amount of flair. I'll let you be the judge of that with this video, the maker of whom already thinks Gourcuff is a gunner. A little too conclusive, wouldn't you say?

O.K, that maybe a little long winded, so if you want something to tell you what this lad is all about, look to further than this short clip:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdVzzvMEG08&feature=related (Embedding disabled)

Rumour has it that Manchester Utd are also looking for him to sign on the dotted line. I think we hold the cards here. London, Chamakh, Wenger? He'd love it.

Have a good 'un gooners.